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Why would you
choose us?
Because we are the experts on gas in Milan. Our specialities are marketing, assistance and maintenance of gas bottles and valves for every use: medical, alimentary, fireproof and breathing, industrial and laboratory, aquaristic and underwater.
Our experience makes us the best choice for the recharge of a gas bottle in Milan, for the purchase of bottles and accessories and for the maintenance occurred to your bottles reserve. Here are our best abilities:
1Quality: we choose the best products for our customers. Our offer is complete and you can totally rely on our services.
2Rapidity: we can handle all eventual emergencies. Call us immediately so to find the product you need at your arrival!
Gas bottles, valves and accessories. And also assistance, maintenance and every service you might need for your personal and professional use of gas. For all these services you can apply to us: the specialists on gas in Milan.
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Call us immediately to explain your needs. First you can visit this website and then choose the product suitable for you, or directly ask our experts for it. We’ll do our best to meet your requests.
Call us now! We answer every day, from Monday to Friday.
We are open in the morning from 8 to 12, and in the afternoon from 13 to 17.
We provide you immediate phone assistance. Otherwise, if you’d rather write to us, our address is
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